Terrible Week: Is it Really Though?

Terrible Week.png

Gosh, it has been a terrible week!

Is it really though?

This scenario happens to me quite often and my husband always has to remind me that it usually happens once a month.  Being a woman, half the population would understand what this can mean.  For me, it just seems to amplify all of my anxiety symptoms.  Everything seems harder and some of my darker thoughts seem to creep in more often.  These thoughts often scare me the most.

Am I heading into another dark period in my life?

I don’t want to do this again.

So, I thought I’d talk about how I endure and more likely, push through these moments in my life.

Just endure

I think sometimes I get obsessed with feeling well all the time.  I try to run away from my anxious feelings, through distraction, exercise, or whatever I can do, to not feel this way.  Sometimes (definitely not all the time), I will just let myself “feel it.”  In these situations, I remind myself that this is part of myself that I have to accept.  Like my doctor says, in order to overcome your fears, you have to face them no matter how awful it may seem.  That doesn’t stop me from complaining about it however.  Sorry to my husband.

This has happened before

I find that when I have a down day, I always make it out to be the worst day ever.  I always have to be reminded that there have been “way worse” days before.  When you feel a bit better, I find that every “not-so-good” day just seems ten times worse in comparison.  However, if I compare to other bad days in my life, it usually isn’t that bad and if history rings true, it always gets better.  Holding onto this belief helps me get through those so called bad weeks.


I think self-care is one of the most important treatments for mental illness.  I find that I am hyper aware of how I am feeling everyday, which obviously has its pros and cons.  However, I do think that self-care is even more important during bad days.  Things can really take a “really” bad turn fast when you don’t take care of yourself.  As a woman, it can often feel like self-care is a selfish act.  Yet, only when you take care yourself can you take care of others.  As the years have gone by, I feel so much more confident about saying no and taking time out for myself.  Treatment can be medication, and exercise, but it could also be finding ways to take care of yourself, even if you don’t have mental illness.

How do you deal with bad days?