We are different, yet we are the same. As humans, we all have our joys and sorrows, but how we experience them may be different. A troublesome incident to one person might not seem that bad to someone else. Likewise, things that bring some people joy may seem mundane and irrelevant to others. It is these discrepancies perhaps that make life interesting. However, it can also tear people apart.

So where am I going with all this? I would consider myself a pretty open and understanding person. However, since my episodes with depression, I seem to have less empathy towards the problems of others. This realization bothers me because I feel like I have lost my ability to empathize with others. At my sickest, I had suicidal tendencies and was well below 100 pounds. Afterwards, I couldn’t understand how everyday stresses, like making dinner, and work difficulties, would even be considered problems.

What has helped me the most to overcome these thoughts is that I realize everyone views their world through a different lens. Everyone seems to think their own drama is the most important, including me, I realized. I seem to think since I have had it the worst, why should the problems of others be relevant? Yet, maybe my issues might be just as irrelevant to someone else. Also, like I have mentioned it previous blogposts, always seek first to understand. If you consider the person’s personality, background, and life experience, you might realize their stresses make total sense. And even if it doesn’t make sense after careful evaluation, at least, you stopped and took a moment to understand another human being more fully and that can’t be a bad thing.


One thought on “19. How Is That Stressful?

  1. I have a similar perspective.
    When in the depths of depression everything is too hard. Having a shower, making something to eat, forcing yourself out of bed… but when well I almost can’t understand how these things were a problem.
    I certainly have become more empathic towards others because of my experience, even if sometimes I feel their worries aren’t all that bad.


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